Check Out 2016’s Best Late Night Standup Sets

Kurt Metzger (This Is Not Happening)

Former Jehovah’s Witness Kurt Metzger gets into his weird childhood with his trademark affable candor.

Sam Morrill (Conan)

In case you’ve forgotten, Sam Morrill is here to remind you exactly why having kids around is awful.

Aparna Nancherla (Conan)

If you’ve ever dropped a handful of pills in public or had trouble working from home, this Aparna Nancherla set is for you.

Sean Patton (This Is Not Happening)

Few comics can command an audience like Sean Patton, who’s an electric storyteller – as seen in this clip from This Is Not Happening.

Joe Pera (Late Night with Seth Meyers)

Rosy-cheeked angel Joe Pera visited Late Night twice this year – the first time for what was undoubtedly one of the year’s most delightful, and most well-received, performances.

Pat Regan (Adam Devine’s House Party)

Musician / comic Pat Regan’s been blessed with a voice that rivals indie darling Jeff Mangum’s, which he pairs perfectly with razor-sharp lyrics as poetic as they are breathtakingly funny.

Rory Scovel (Conan)

Rory Scovel’s been behind some of Conan’s most memorable performances, and his recent set from the show’s week at The Apollo was appropriately legendary.

Eliza Skinner (The Late Late Show)

Late Late Show writer Eliza Skinner doubled up by jumping in front of the camera twice this season; this time, to impart some important relationship wisdom.

Dulce Sloan (Conan)

Equal parts impressive late night debut and a great excuse to show off an expensive bra, this set from Dulce Sloan is super fun.

Daniel Sloss (Conan)

Superstar UK comic Daniel Sloss travels to the States to share his vast knowledge of animal sexuality.

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