Gad Elmaleh Talks About Adjusting to Life in New York City on ‘The Late Show’

Here’s a clip of French comedian Gad Elmaleh’s fantastic standup set on last night’s Late Show, where he talks about his recent move to the US and how having a thick French accent has made communicating with Americans much more difficult than he expected. On top of the accent, Elmaleh now has to deal with countless confusing English expressions, which has made things especially challenging for him when it comes to texting women: “One of these girls, I said, ‘Let’s go out for a drink.’ She said ‘I’m down.’ I said ‘All right, so let’s do it next time.’ She said ‘Why?’ I said ‘Cause you’re depressed.’ She said ‘No, I’m down means I’m totally up for it!’ How am I supposed to know? I said ‘So you wanna go out?’ She said ‘I’m in.'” Check out Elmaleh’s full set above.

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