John Hodgman Has Strong Words for the Turncoat Verizon Spokesman

Paul Marcarelli AKA the “Verizon Guy” recently turned on the company that made him famous by starring in Sprint’s newest ad campaign, and during this week’s Desus & Mero on Viceland, the hosts got some insight from a guest who has a very unique perspective on Marcarelli’s Verizon betrayal: John Hodgman, who played PC in Mac’s late-2000s ad campaign opposite Justin Long as Mac. Would Hodgman ever consider making a similar move for a rival company? Not to worry: “Hi, television. I’m still around. If someone wants to put me in an ad campaign, I’ll probably do it, but would I do one that directly referenced the ‘Get a Mac’ campaign specifically for a competitor? I can tell you with great assurance that I would not and never did.” Your move, Apple.

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