Meet Gary Schmotts: The Only Stepdad Worse Than Yours

Every stepdad is bad, I think. Maybe not every one. I’m sure there are some rock stars, but most are bad. I had one once, and he was bad, and I see they’re usually bad in films. This week, we’re introducing you to one stepdad who is all at once awful and perfect–the S.D. archetype, a shining symbol of everything shitty about the dude who’s fucking your mom, and his name…is Gary Schmotts.

Created by Matt Stauter, Directed by Kyle Kenyon, and starring Nina Concepción, AJ Salas, and Stauter (as Schmotts), Schmotts is the kind of character piece series we needed to end this step dad’s Corvette of a year. Now, give us a third installment before we give your real dad a handshake that’s way too firm.

Schmotts: A Short Film 

Schmotts: Sham Poetry 

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