Samantha Bee and Glenn Beck Form a Very Unlikely Alliance on ‘Full Frontal’

Here’s a clip from last night’s Full Frontal, where Samantha Bee decides to sit down and form an alliance with a very unlikely partner: Glenn Beck. “I think that our future is going to require a broad coalition of non-partisan decency,” Bee tells Beck during their meetup. “It’s not just individual people against Donald Trump, it’s all of us against Trumpism. And so I actually think it’s important to reach into places where we wouldn’t normally reach.” While both Bee and Beck admit up front that their respective audiences hate each other, they share one very important trait: They are both “catastrophists,” whether Bee wants to admit it or not: “I’m a catastrophist in the mode of Glenn Beck?! Sam Bee’s having a Christmas crisis.” Check out the full interview above.

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