Josh Ruben Should Be a Snapchat Superstar

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A couple of months back, our very own Daniel Hurwitz compiled a spot on list of nine comedians worth following on Snapchat. Today, I’d like to cover one of those fine folks in some more detail, in this first ever This Week in Web Videos edition that talks about Snapchat (I know, I’m very late to the game on this).

Put simply, if you’re not following Josh Ruben at joshrubensnaps, you’re denying yourself access to one of the most creative performers on the platform. Known best for his ability to mimic a frustratingly wide range of celebs (from Philip Seymour Hoffman, to Matthew Broderick, to Jason Statham, and the lesser done Ray Liotta), the former CollegeHumor star and current actor/writer/director’s true magic may lie in his original characters.

A lot of people on the Internet “do characters”, but very few can bring them to life with Ruben’s savant-like joke specificity. It’s the reason he can elevate familiar archetypes (annoying girl, creepy southerner, pretentious douche) to a space entirely his own. Don’t have Snapchat? What’s wrong with you? Also, you can check all Josh’s stuff out on Instagram, so don’t flip out!

Oh, and here are three of my personal favorites to get you in the mood. Get in on the ground floor.

A video posted by Josh Ruben (@joshrubensnaps) on

A video posted by Josh Ruben (@joshrubensnaps) on

A video posted by Josh Ruben (@joshrubensnaps) on

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