Keegan-Michael Key Navigates an Obstacle-Free Gun Law Obstacle Course on ‘Billy on the Street’

Here’s a brand new clip from Billy on the Street, where Eichner is joined by special guest Keegan-Michael Key to work around US gun laws to buy as many guns as possible — or as Eichner calls it, “the world’s first obstacle course without any real obstacles.” The challenge includes special appearances by NRA mascot Eddie the Eagle, a handful of politicians who have received large sums of money from the NRA, a gun piñata filled with tons of smaller guns, and loopholes Key has to jump through to purchase his guns. “My favorite loophole of the many is the default proceed loophole, which only gives the government three days to make sure someone who wants to buy a gun doesn’t have a mental problem,” Eichner says. “We give the government three days to figure out if someone who wants a gun has a mental problem? It took this country 15 years to forgive Winona Ryder!” Watch the rest of the episode on truTV tonight at 10:30pm.

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