Three Ladies Resurrect Bro Humor in 2017

We as a collective comedy audience have something of a fascination with watching dudes be idiots. Bumbling, farting, drunk or high on their own ridiculous opinions (and sometimes actual booze and weed), the trope of privileged carelessness–cushy obliviousness even–is one that’s long entertained the masses. If characters played by the likes Sean William Scott, Jason Mewes, Adam Devine, and countless others could speak on their own volition, they might tell you: “That trend’s been pretty chill.” They might also ignore that it’s become kind of old hat. Today, we celebrate a wrinkle in what’s tried and true, and maybe a little predictable as the Future Wives deliver a fresh spin on the “dudes broing out” strain of humor with You’re the Best. It’s just the kind of shake-up we need in 2017.

Luke is an executive producer at CollegeHumor and a watcher of many web videos. Send him yours @LKellyClyne.

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