Jena Friedman to Make Her Directorial Debut with ‘Serial Dater’ Comedy

friedmanStandup and former Daily Show producer Jena Friedman is set to direct her first film. According to Variety, Friedman will make her directorial debut with an upcoming comedy called Serial Dater starring Imogen Poots, Timothy Simons, and John Cho. The film follows a single 30-year-old New Yorker named Jane who meets a guy named Ted — “a.k.a. the perfect guy: he’s handsome, he’s fun, he’s smart. Oh, and he might also be a serial killer. And if he is… is being in a loving relationship with a serial killer worse than going back to being a single woman in her 30s?” Read our interview with Friedman about her recent and gloriously titled standup special American Cunt here.

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