‘Lasagna Cat’ Is Back with a Bunch of New Videos Today

lasagna_catEarlier this month, the guys behind Lasagna Cat teased — in the form of a telephone sex survey — that they had new videos in the works, and now that the sex survey is complete, today they followed through in the form of 13 new videos uploaded to their YouTube channel, including a nearly 5-hour video of every sex survey response (complete with an ending I can only describe as very, extremely, seriously disturbing) as well as Jim Davis tributes featuring music by Prince, Lady Gaga, 50 Cent, Kenny G, the entire Kundun soundtrack, and more. It’s an impressive comeback by a web series that’s been gone for almost a decade, and you can check out the new Lasagna Cat videos in all their bizarre glory below. Be warned, though, that you might overdose on pure weirdness if you watch them all in one sitting:

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