Stephen Colbert Chats with Beloved Michigan Rocker Shriekin’ Joe About His 2018 Senate Run

Here’s a great clip from last night’s Late Show, where Stephen Colbert responds to the news that Kid Rock and Ted Nugent are both considering a run for Michigan Senate in 2018 by interviewing another Michigan hard rocker who has also decided to join the race: writer Brian Stack as Shriekin’ Joe the Saginaw Psychopath. Shriekin’ Joe might not have the manners or classiness of a traditional politician, but thankfully his family supports his decision to run for a Senate seat 100%. “They’re all behind me! My mom, my dad, my 34-year-old daughter, my 18-year-old wife. Her name’s Serendipity. Used to be Sara ’til I dipped my D,” he says. “I’m referring to my penis, Stephen.”

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