Watch ‘The Last Laugh’ Trailer Featuring Mel Brooks, Sarah Silverman, Harry Shearer, and More

Now that Nazis are in the White House and our new president has been compared to Hitler on multiple occasions, it seems like a very useful time to check out a new documentary called The Last Laugh that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last year and hits theaters in New York and LA next month. Directed by Ferne Pearlstein, the documentary takes a closer look at the relationship between free speech and humor and large-scale tragedy like the Holocaust and features a long list of comedians including Mel Brooks, Sarah Silverman, Harry Shearer, Carl Reiner, Gilbert Gottfried, Judy Gold, Susie Essman, and Jeff Ross, plus 92-year-old Auschwitz survivor Renee Firestone. “It’s important to talk about things that are taboo,” Silverman says in the trailer. “Otherwise they just stay in this dark place, and they become dangerous.” The film premieres at New York’s Lincoln Plaza Cinemas on March 3rd followed by an LA premiere on March 17th.

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