Behold the Trailer for the Final Season of Andy Daly’s ‘Review’

Andy Daly’s Review kicks off its third and final season on Comedy Central next week, and today the network debuted the first trailer. Here’s what Daly told Variety about season 3:

Having survived the harrowing yet hysterical events of the end of Season Two — when Forrest and his evil producer Grant (James Urbaniak) fell off a bridge during a confrontation — in the very dark and funny new episodes, the TV host is more persistent and blinkered than ever.

“Now it’s a religious mission,” Daly says. In Forrest’s mind, “a miracle has spared him to go on doing this. He feels the hand of God behind him at all times, and that’s obviously a dangerous conviction.”

Catch the rest when season 3 debuts Thursday, March 16th at 10:00pm.

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