Behold Conan O’Brien’s $750 Goat

Yesterday, Conan O’Brien’s late night show had a sketch in the works that involved a goat, but after the sketch was cut — and after O’Brien found out that the show paid a whopping $750 to rent a real goat for a few hours — he decided that, sketch or no sketch, there was no way that animal was going away without the show getting its full money’s worth. “So let’s get this straight: Dana Carvey, a comedic icon for anyone in my generation, is getting $450. A goat who doesn’t even have to show up on the program is getting $750-fucking-thousand dollars. Ridiculous!” O’Brien says. “I bet you that the goat shits on the floor more than Dana Carvey does,” Andy Richter tells him. Sure, you could watch some clips from Dana Carvey’s interview, but if you’re a true O’Brien fan, you’ll take at least a few seconds to appreciate this very expensive goat.

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