A Twitter Recommendation: Meet @TrumpComedyNerd

trump_wingsIf you’ve had your fill of Donald Trump parody Twitter accounts like the very presidential @MatureTrumpTwts and film buff @ArtHouseTrump and are looking for something new, look no further, because this week a brand new Trump parody account appeared, and it’s devoted to calling out obscure comedy injustices that only true comedy nerds will care about.

Created by Brendan McLaughlin (Best Week Ever, Nikki & Sara Live) and Matt Koff (The Daily Show), @TrumpComedyNerd popped up this week to provide a version of Trump that, despite being Trump-related, is well worth the Twitter follow if you feel as passionately about, say, the premature cancellation of Get a Life or Brian Doyle-Murray being underrated as @TrumpComedyNerd clearly does. And don’t you dare try to correct or question @TrumpComedyNerd’s’s unparalleled comedy nerd knowledge, because if you do, you’re going to get called out on it. The arrival of @TrumpComedyNerd is also perfect timing, considering the real Trump called Stephen Colbert “filthy” and a “no-talent guy” in a new interview with Time posted today — though it’s far from the first time Trump has taken to Twitter or interviews in comedy critic mode.

Here’s a sampling of some of @TrumpComedyNerd’s best tweets so far:

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