Conan O’Brien Signs a Four-Year Deal with TBS

conan_mexicoConan O’Brien is sticking around at TBS. The network announced today that it’s closed a four-year deal with O’Brien, which includes a renewal for his late night show through 2022, more TV projects produced through his company Conaco, and the possibility of expanding Team Coco content to “digital and branded content, podcasting, mobile gaming, pay TV, and live tours.” According to TBS president Kevin Reilly, the “next chapter” for O’Brien will be “to expand the boundaries from a ‘talk show’ to a range of personality- based, cross-platform experiences.” Here’s what O’Brien said on the news:

The TV landscape has changed dramatically since I inherited the traditional talk show format in 1993. In the past few years I’ve stumbled across many new and exciting ways of connecting with my audience, and I’m eager to evolve my show into something leaner, more agile, and more unpredictable. I also want a pony.

Earlier this year, Reilly and Turner CEO John Martin said that turning Conan into a weekly show was a possibility, but it looks like O’Brien’s late night show will remain a nightly affair — for now, at least.

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