Anthony Gaskins & Carl Foreman, Jr.? You Should Know

A web series about two teachers at a fancy New York middle school? Sure. Sounds like a web series. Frank & Lamar is that. It’s on IFC’s digital incubator, Comedy Crib, and features actors from the UCB community and is the right length for a web series, and appears on the web. Yes. All boxes checked. Except for one thing. Well, two things, actually. Anthony Gaskins and Carl Foreman, Jr. That these two actors aren’t many more places than on the web was, at first, baffling to me, and then I remembered: this is what the web is for. It helps us identify stars before they start shining. Gaskins and Foreman–each endowed with a unique and effortless on-screen presence–are due for a G.D. twinkle.  Check out all six episodes right here. You’ll see what I mean.

Luke is an executive producer at CollegeHumor/Big Breakfast and a watcher of many web videos. Send him yours @LKellyClyne.

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