John Mulaney Explains Why Trump Is Like “a Horse Loose in a Hospital” on ‘The Late Show’

Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Show, where Stephen Colbert chats with John Mulaney about attending the Met Gala, his upcoming Oh, Hello Netflix special with Nick Kroll, and having to explain Trump to people during his recent trip to Japan. “To me it’s like there’s a horse loose in a hospital. Like, I think everything’s gonna be okay, but I have no idea what’s gonna happen next, and none of you know either. We’ve all never not known together,” he says. “It’s confusing, because every day we just have to follow the horse. And some days it’s like ‘The horse used the elevator!’ You know, there’s days where you’re like ‘Is the horse smart?’ And then we’re all just like ‘Why hasn’t the horse catcher caught the horse?’ and then the horse is like ‘I have fired the horse catcher.’ That shouldn’t be a thing.”

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