Watch Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel’s Delightfully Awkward Chat on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Here’s a clip from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, where Kimmel catches up with his old friend/ex Sarah Silverman, who was there to promote her new Netflix special A Speck of Dust but also gave away a fun bit of comedy trivia when she told Kimmel about how great of a gift-giver her boyfriend Michael Sheen is, at least compared to the kinds of stuff Kimmel got her when they were together. “You got me a TiVo and you got me a really expensive mattress that you preferred over my bed. PS: Tig Notaro and her wife sleep on that. $9,000!” she says. “It wasn’t $9,000,” Kimmel responds. “It was $9,000. That was how you presented it to me.” “Oh, I did? I may have been lying.”

Check out another clip from the interview below:

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