A Day Late, But Worth It: Your Fireworks Explanation Video

Sketch group Cannibal Milkshake may’ve cracked the fireworks conundrum for we critics of lights in the night sky. As a man who’s unimpressed with fireworks, Jeff Ayars gives us voiced-over insight into the secret, ‘grammable allure of these impossibly annoying colorful gunshots. I’ll never like fireworks, but, after hearing the disembodied voice of “F.W.” (fireworks) make some very smooth justifications for his existence, they’re starting to make sense, and that–the feeling of something making the tiniest bit of sense–is something that no one in this great American land should take for granted in times like these.

Luke is an executive producer at CollegeHumor/Big Breakfast and a watcher of many web videos. Send him yours @LKellyClyne.

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