Stephen Colbert Kicks Off ‘Late Show’s “Russia Week” with His Appearance on Russian Late Night Show ‘Evening Urgant’

Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Show, where Stephen Colbert kicks off “Russia Week” by teasing some upcoming segments from his recent trip (including his stay in the Ritz-Carlton Presidential Suite – “yes, that one”) and sharing a clip from his appearance on Russia’s only late night comedy show Evening Urgant, where he and host Ivan Urgant talk US/Russia relations, do a little fighting, and down some vodka shots in a game called “Russian Russian Roulette.” “Do you talk about Trump on your show? Cause we talk about him all the time,” Colbert asks Urgant. “Yeah, that’s why you guys are #1 now in the States,” Urgant says, before adding, “We’re more close to Fallon than to John Oliver.” Check out the full clip above.

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