Jenny Slate Explains How a Psychic Helped Her Get a Job at ‘SNL’

Here’s a clip from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, where Jenny Slate tells Kimmel about two psychics she went to for advice – one more recently, and another back in 2008 – and how Slate, Gloria Estefan, and Saturday Night Live all collided in her life thanks to these helpful psychic check-ins. “She was like ‘You should do a one-woman show and you’ll be given the big stage,'” Slate recalls of the 2008 psychic advice. “And I was like ‘Ooh!’ I’m imagining like a castle with a huge stage where the town comes and sees me eat my lunch or something,” Slate says. “But then I ended up doing a one-woman show that took place at my funeral if I died as an eccentric millionaire. I was smoking a ton of weed at the time.” In any case, the one-woman show did end up leading to “the big stage” for Slate at SNL.

Watch some more clips from the interview below:

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