Ranking Every Episode of ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’

40. S4 E3 | Robert Klein: Opera Pimp (7/3/2014)


Klein is such a character. So animated in everything he says and does. This is another one of those “history of comedy” episodes. A nice little Cliffnotes on Merv Griffin, Johnny Carson, and Richard Pryor.

Best Line: “You don’t want to see Rodney [Dangerfield’s] testicles.” – Klein

39. S1 E2 | Ricky Gervais: Mad Man in a Death Machine (8/2/2012)


Gervais spends most of this episode just being terrified at driving around with Seinfeld in a 1967 Austin-Healey 3000, and when he’s back on solid ground he gives Seinfeld a little lesson on ordering eggs and math.

Best Line: “You’re like a young king, aren’t you? Things are kept from you, but you want to do stuff. Like, ‘He wants to drive around in a car,’ and someone said, ‘We’ll just let him go around in a car…’”  – Gervais

38. S3 E2 | Patton Oswalt: How Would You Kill Superman? (1/9/2014)


Seinfeld and Oswalt head straight into the heart of Gen Y in a DeLorean. So back to the past to the future? Or, from the past back to the future? It’s confusing. It doesn’t really matter because the DeLorean gives out and Seinfeld and Oswalt have to call an Uber (see, maybe they are just like us!). Anyway, Oswalt explains how he’d kill Superman if given the chance and gives Seinfeld a crash course in Downtown LA living. By the time he’s done Seinfeld comes in clutch with a backup DeLorean.

Best Line: “Wait, you had a backup DeLorean?” – Oswalt

37. S8 E6 | John Oliver: What Kind of Human Animal Would Do This? (7/21/2016)


Oliver schools Seinfeld on the differences in the British and American comedy scenes. Oliver recalls a set he did in Britain where he ended up in an empty room with no one but the sound tech. The Brits didn’t take to him as well as the Americans have. It’s fun to see Oliver out from behind the desk just drinking coffee.

Best Line: “We just think of the English as a cute little… it’s a curio shop to us.” – Seinfeld

36. S8 E5 | Lorne Michaels: Everybody Likes to See the Monkeys (7/14/2016)


Michaels is the man who made so many careers and always seems like this very elusive cloaked mystical force who holds all the powers of the universe. This episode is like pulling back the curtain a tiny bit to what’s behind the Wizard of Oz, or in this case SNL. Michaels really opens up about the show and how he spots talent and can tell what they’re good for.

Best Line: “There will be a time when I realize that I am no longer as good as I was and things aren’t coming together as they should and the quality is going down, and then three years after that I’ll quit.” – Michaels

35. S8 E3 | Judd Apatow: Escape From Syosset (6/30/2016)


Most importantly, we now know Apatow keeps hot sauce on his desk. This is really about how Apatow came to be who he is and is so closely tied to a community of comedians that he feels very separated from having left standup for 22 years only to return a couple of years before filming. A lot of this episode is spent on Seinfeld and Apatow talking about Gary Shandling, and even Seinfeld tears up a bit. The best episodes of Comedians in Cars are the ones that are entertaining and funny but where the guests speak earnestly and openly. This is right in that sweet spot.

Best Line:

Apatow: “[My daughter] goes, ‘Six months ago I walked up to the door and I heard you [and Mom] have sex and it really freaked me out!’”

Seinfeld: “Maybe you were just trying to get a plug in an outlet.”

Apatow: “I think we were watching Narcos. I think she heard [Pablo] Escobar have sex.”

34. S1 E6 | Bob Einstein: Unusable on the Internet (8/30/2012)


Seinfeld and Einstein head to the bowling alley to not bowl and then bang-bang it from diner to deli with Einstein a little uncomfortable with the heat radiating off his mic pack. Instead of the comedian talking a lot about his career, this is more Seinfeld gushing over Einstein’s career. Einstein is probably one of the most accidentally entertaining people who ever existed.

Best Line:

Seinfeld: “This isn’t really a show.”

Einstein: “What is it? A tweet?”

33. S5 E7 | Jimmy Fallon: The Unsinkable Legend (12/18/2014)


Fallon is literally the guy who is just happy to be here, and by “here” I mean two episodes of Comedians in Cars. Only Fallon could sustain such high-level enthusiasm for a two-parter. Really, Fallon only needed one episode but Jerry couldn’t find somewhere to unpack the boat and so here we are. We should all be on whatever Fallon is on. He is funny, yes, but also genuinely happy and excited. It’d be annoying if it wasn’t so damn adorable. Aside from loving rainbows and gumdrops, this is a perfect episode for anyone curious about Fallon’s transition from Saturday Night Live to The Tonight Show.

Best Line: “What you want in a pancake is to have the consistency of young human flesh.” – Seinfeld  

32. S2 E2 | David Letterman: I Like Kettlecorn (6/20/2013)


Seinfeld borrows Letterman’s Volvo—gifted to him by Paul Newman—for the day. This is an episode for those folks who love hearing about shitty cars, kettlecorn, and Letterman’s career highlights.

Best Line: “I kind of look at my family and think ‘Well, in sixty years everyone’s dead here so…’” – Seinfeld

31. S2 E6 | Chris Rock: Kids Need Bullying (7/18/2013)


Rock and Seinfeld cover everything from Eliot Spitzer to Superman having to talk to a thousand people at once, like comedians have the ability to do. These two veteran comics just hang out and let us watch. It also provides a pretty good insight into the comic brain.

Best Line: “I talked at a friends’ funeral this year… got a couple laughs.” – Rock  

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