‘Security Deposit’: Not By Judd Apatow, But Close

The line between saccharine and sweet is oh-so-thin. Landing on the wrong side means your “funny” project has turned heavy-handed at best, and totally insufferable at worst. Just ask Judd Apatow (he’s on Twitter a lot, he may respond), a master at this kind of dance. Will and Aaron Eisenberg’s Security Deposit is as lighthearted as it is laugh-out-loud funny. That’s a rare feat, when–unlike with Judd–we’re in the realm of comedic shorts that allow scant room for character development and must provide somewhat instant gratification. That both are pulled off in 14 minutes is impressive.

Thanks to a believable pairing in Jennette McCurdy and Aaron, and strong supporting performances from Colton Dunn and Matthew Broussard, this ostensibly run-of-the-mill story about twenty-somethings and landlords and LA lands as a testament to two brothers who have an indisputable knack for hitting a storytelling sweet spot.

Luke is an executive producer at CollegeHumor/Big Breakfast and a watcher of many web videos. Send him yours @LKellyClyne.

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