Watch Dulcé Sloan Make Her ‘Daily Show’ Debut


Earlier this week, Comedy Central announced that The Daily Show with Trevor Noah added comedian Dulcé Sloan as its newest correspondent, and during last night’s show she made her big debut. Using New York Fashion Week as an example, Sloan examines the many ways white people appropriating black culture for profit. ” Where I come from, cultural appropriation isn’t really a big deal. My family’s always trying to get my white friends to wear African clothes. They don’t view it as white people trying to steal our culture – they think they’re embracing it,” Noah tells her. “Mm-hm, and that’s the attitude that got my ancestors over here: ‘These white men aren’t trying to steal us, they’re embracing us! Come on! Come get on this boat!’” Sloan responds, later arguing that if white people want to appropriate black culture so bad, they need to go all the way: “Look, white people. If you’re going to appropriate, take everything. Take the good and the bad. You can take my struggle too! Get pulled over for no reason, get followed through a store, and the next time there’s a Black Lives Matter march, I want to see you there, Kendall. But don’t worry about bringing that Pepsi, girl. We drink Sprite.”

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