Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Attempt to Give Trump Equal Time on ‘The Late Show’

Over the weekend, Donald Trump took to Twitter to demand “equal time” during late night shows’ political coverage and called out the “anti-Trump” late night hosts for “their very ‘unfunny’ and repetitive material” about him, so during last night’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert was joined by his late night pal Jon Stewart, who was there to provide – or at least attempt to provide – the political balance and positive coverage Trump demanded. This turns out to be a nearly impossible task for Stewart, though, especially when it comes to his reaction to Trump recently saying it’s “the calm before the storm” and responding to reporters’ questions about it by saying “You’ll find out.” “What the fuck is wrong with this guy? ‘You’ll find out’?” Stewart says. “‘Calm before the storm’? How the fuck? ‘Calm before the storm’? How is all this not the storm? This is all the storm!”

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