Tig Notaro and Patton Oswalt Decide the Fate of a Lucky ‘Chris Gethard Show’ Viewer

Last night’s episode of The Chris Gethard Show was titled “Take a Chance,” and one of the chances Gethard offered viewers was the opportunity for one fan to meet Shannon O’Neill at an intersection in Midtown and come on the show live to be featured as a guest. The lucky chance-taker turned out to be an NYU student named Erin who ditched her boyfriend to appear in the episode, which also featured guest stars Tig Notaro and Patton Oswalt. Along with O’Neill, Notaro and Oswalt run through some of the pros and cons of Erin’s appearance, giving her credit for being stylish, a fast runner, and “not a danger to society” while docking some points for her, in Notaro words, “terrible handwriting.” But did Erin do well enough in Notaro and Oswalt’s eyes to be featured on next week’s episode of TCGS? You’ll have to take a chance on this clip to find out.

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