Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson Review Hollywood’s Latest “Globalist Liberal Propaganda Trash” on ‘The Opposition’

Here’s a great clip from last night’s The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, where Citizen Journalists Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson review some movies coming out this week – or as they call them, “globalist liberal propaganda trash.” The two cover everything from Thor: Ragnarok (“Hey liberals! You wanna save Puerto Rico? Stop making Thors!”) to A Bad Moms Christmas (“The erasure of men in this movie is shocking!”) to Lady Bird: “Also opening this weekend, Lady Bird. Oh, absolutely not. The whole movie poster is just words? Liberals — they always want you to read. Go fuck yourself!” There is one movie that gets a positive review from Sharp and Jackson, though, when it comes to the Sean Hannity-produced Let There Be Light at the end.

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