Tyler Fischer Wins the Award for Best Bill Burr Impersonation Ever

The above video has been making the rounds since New York-based comedian Tyler Fischer posted it on Twitter yesterday, and whether you’re a Bill Burr fan or just appreciate a solid impersonation, the 2-minute clip is well worth the watch. Recorded during The Bell House’s 10th annual Schtick or Treat comedy show on Sunday, the clip shows Fischer pulling off a flawless take on Burr’s voice and mannerisms and delivering material — in this instance, a takedown of Brooklyn hipsters and coffee shops — that would be right at home in any real Burr set (“Fuck you. Brutal!”). The real Burr has not yet responded to the video, but hopefully that changes soon. “Bill has not reached out yet,” Fischer told us, “but I am a big fan and hope he sees it!”

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