Andy Daly Plays the Most Heroic Pilot Ever on ‘Conan’

Last week, a Delta flight from New York to Seattle made the news after the plane’s toilets filled up, which resulted in the pilot choosing to reroute the flight to Montana so the passengers could have an “emergency bathroom stop.” But who is the hero pilot who valiantly worked to relieve all those filled-up bladders? Well, wonder no more, because Captain Darren Danendernen himself (Andy Daly) made an appearance during last night’s Conan to soak up his newfound status as a hero pilot and share his story. “You might be leaning into this hero thing a little too hard. You basically just rerouted a flight so your passengers could take a bathroom break. Is that right?” O’Brien asks. “A life-saving bathroom break! I saw the crisis, and with split-second reflexes and steely courage, I did what had to be done,” Danendernen responds. “It’s a miracle there were only three casualties.”

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