Patton Oswalt Explains Why Trump Is Like “Sour Cream in a Sauna” for Comedians on ‘Conan’

Here’ a clip from Patton Oswalt’s appearance on last night’s Conan, where he and O’Brien talk about the very misguided idea that Donald Trump is “great for comedy” and how the speed at which Trump creates ridiculously terrible news actually makes comedy a lot more difficult. “Imagine there’s a guy out on the sidewalk, and he’s just taking a dump on the pavement, and he’s yelling about Hitler, and he’s hanging wallpaper. So you think of the funniest joke about a guy taking a dump on the sidewalk, and you turn to tell your friend. And as you turn to tell your friend, behind you, he has scooped up his poop and made a sombrero out of it,” Oswalt says. “He is sour cream in a sauna – there’s no shelf life, and you’re running towards it with your chip like ‘I’m gonna – ahh, it’s spoiled!!’” Watch some more clips from the interview below:

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