Get Cozy with Josh Gondelman’s ‘Late Night’ Standup Set

Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Night, where comedian and Last Week Tonight writer Josh Gondelman stopped by to perform a five-minute standup set. Gondelman covers everything from Margaret Atwood to his adopted pug Bizzy to getting married to becoming more attuned to sexism, plus some other things he learned last year: “I had a pretty good 2017 despite 2017.” Gondelman also presents probably the best description of pugs ever made: “It’s one of those dogs that looks like a loaf of white bread with a face smushed onto the front slice and a butt smushed onto the back slice. And if you’ve never hung out with a pug before, it’s kind of like if that loaf of bread came some of the way to life.” Check out the full set above.

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