JB Smoove Offers Conan O’Brien a Starring Role in His TV Show ‘Carnival Cops’

JB Smoove stopped by last night’s Conan, where he took some time to pitch some of his many great TV show ideas to O’Brien. Among those ideas is a self-explanatory reality show called Living Under a Baby Pool, a late night show where the guests interview Smoove called Let’s Not Make This About Me, and a buddy sitcom called Carnival Cops, which Smoove says would be perfect with him as the cool cop and O’Brien as his awkward, goofy sidekick. “It’s a really cool show! We ride around on unicycles and patrol the carnivals and make sure everything’s cool … Want to see a little preview of it?” Smoove asks. “You have a clip of it right here?” O’Brien responds. “No no, I’m gonna make a clip!” Surely TBS will give this show a straight-to-series order any day now.

Watch some more clips from the interview below:

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