Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson Break Down the Rules of Conservative Comedy on ‘The Opposition’

Liberals love to argue that conservatives are terrible at comedy, but leave it to The Opposition’s Citizen Journalists Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson to debunk that persistent myth. In this segment from last night’s episode, the two reveal the three simple rules that apply to all great conservative comedians: they choose victims that are easy to punch down, they believe that “empathy is for cucks,” and most importantly, they’re bitter that their Hollywood aspirations failed. “Our motto is ‘If we’re laughing, then it must be a joke!'” Sharp says. “And if there’s one thing we know,” Jackson adds, “it’s jokes. Knock knock!” “Who’s there?” “An ICE agent here to break up your family, you smelly freeloading illegal!” “Haha! The joke is that the person’s life is ruined!”

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