Martin Short Roasts His Pale Friend Conan O’Brien: “Barbra Streisand Would Clone You If She Could”

Here’s a clip from Martin Short’s visit to last night’s Conan, where he takes a few minutes to roast his good and extremely pasty friend. “You’re pale. You make Mike Pence look like a character in Black Panther,” he tells O’Brien. “Barbra Streisand would clone you if she could. So much for the theory that heavy drinking ages a man.” Short also reassures the audience that, despite all the roasting, he comes from a place of love: “You know that we are very, very close friends. We are — in that kind of fake showbiz thing.” Watch some more clips from the interview below, where the two chat about Short’s upcoming Netflix special with Steve Martin, the Oscars, and more:

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