Seth Meyers Takes “A Closer Look” at the West Virginia Teachers’ Strike

There’s a lot happening in the news right now, but thankfully, during last night’s Late Night Seth Meyers devoted some time to an important story flying under the radar: the West Virginia teachers’ strike over pay and benefits, which has now become the longest strike in the state’s history. “If there’s one takeaway from the last few weeks of politics, it’s this: Don’t fuck with teachers. They make no money. They get up at 6:00am to drive their 15-year-old cars to a cruddy building knee-deep in teenage hormones. You cannot scare them. The part of them that is capable of fear was burned away years ago by terrible teachers’ lounge coffee,” Meyers says. “All they want is healthcare, a livable wage, and just once a class that doesn’t laugh the first time they hear ‘Uranus.’”

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