The Office's Gay Caricature

The office on The Office is a fairly inclusive place — African-American, Indian-American, alcoholic, or evangelist, all may work together more or less harmoniously. Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kaling), for instance, is one of the most fully realized minority characters on television right now: a woman whose obsessions with celebrity gossip and Netflixing romantic comedies far outweigh the practically insignificant fact of her race. With Kelly undergoing business training, practically anyone could take over the office, once manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell) departs at the end of the season! Anyone, that is, but the show’s token gay man, Oscar, who has been marginalized and mocked over seven seasons.

Oscar (Oscar Nunez), one of the three accountants, is a cartoon gay man. He’s fussy, prissy, aesthetic, and cruel — a sketch of a certain type of homosexual drawn by writers who seem to know the type at which they’re aiming. He is a member of the office’s “Finer Things Club”; he and his sometime boyfriend cruelly criticize Pam’s (Jenna Fischer’s) artwork; he is obsessed with one-upping his co-workers. He doesn’t smile –- he smirks. He doesn’t have hobbies –- he has an orientation. READ MORE