August 19th, 2014

Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus Are the Stars of "Barely Legal Pawn"

The Emmy Awards are less than a week away, but to get you excited the Television Academy just released this video written and directed by sketch duo Paulilu, who also write for Comedy Central's Broad City. In the video, Julia Louis-Dreyfus attempts to pawn off her Supporting Actress Emmy for Seinfeld so she can buy her own island, but dealing with the creeps working behind the counter (played by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul) makes her have second thoughts.

Vanessa Bayer Plays a Tacky Talk Show Host in Haim's New Music Video

From hosting Sound Advice to roasting screamo bands, Vanessa Bayer has long proven herself to be the perfect bridge between comedy and rock stars, but today she's taken it a step further by playing a '90s-style talk show host named Dallas Murphy in the new music video for "My Song 5" by Haim featuring A$AP Ferg. Bayer is certainly much nicer in this video than she was during Haim's guest spot on Sound Advice last month.


"My whole life changed once Don Pardo said my name. I will really miss that kind and talented man."

- In a short but sweet statement for The Wrap, Amy Poehler remembers SNL's legendary announcer Don Pardo.

Sketch Anatomy: Alex Blagg Explains the Genius of 'Key and Peele's "Insult Comic"

Welcome to our column Sketch Anatomy, where we ask some of our favorite television writers to choose any sketch — one they personally wrote or one from history they find particularly hilarious, notable, or underappreciated — to learn from a writer's perspective what separates a successful sketch from the rest.

For this week's installment of Sketch Anatomy we spoke with writer and comedian Alex Blagg, who currently serves as co-creator and executive producer of @midnight, which recently earned a whopping 40-week renewal from Comedy Central. Blagg chose the season 3 Key and Peele sketch "Insult Comic" that aired in October 2013 — six months before the comic duo made Time's list of the world's 100 most influential people — and works as a classic example of Key and Peele's humor and convincing argument that to not make fun of something is just another form of bullying. READ MORE

Here's the Full Schedule for FXX's 'Simpsons' Marathon

FXX's complete Simpsons marathon kicks off this Thursday at 10:00am, but it's important to remember that watching television around the clock for 12 days straight is a highly dangerous activity that's even difficult for the professionals. With that in mind, Uproxx has made a handy schedule for the marathon so you can plan when to eat, sleep, and be glued your television screen until the end of the month. Check out the full schedule below: READ MORE

What's So Special About 'The Richard Pryor Special'?

showbusinessThere's a famous story about The Richard Pryor Show — as Richard Pryor's star was rising in Hollywood in the 1970s, NBC commissioned the man to make a 10-episode sketch program to be broadcast in prime time. Family-friendly viewing not being Pryor's first priority, he clashed with the censors again and again until finally they let him off with only four episodes. These four episodes are still credited with an enormous influence over the genre of TV sketch comedy — directly cited by future blockbusters such as In Living Color and Chapelle's Show — and launching the careers of several performers, including the late Robin Williams in one of his first-ever roles.

But in all the fuss people make about Pryor's show, no one ever talks about the 45-minute special Pryor produced for NBC as a pilot for his series. Everything unique that the show did was done better and more concisely in The Richard Pryor Special?, broadcast in May 1977. It says all you need to know about Pryor that this special features a heartbreaking monologue written and performed by Maya Angelou and it still gets overshadowed by his other work.

The Richard Pryor Special? deserves a more prominent place in the hearts and minds of fans of the man generally regarded as the greatest standup comedian of all time. Let's look at all of the reasons why. READ MORE

David Letterman Dedicates Ten Minutes of 'Late Show' to Robin Williams

During last night's Late Show, David Letterman set aside ten minutes for a touching tribute to his friend and late actor Robin Williams. In the tribute, Letterman looks back on the first time he met Williams at The Comedy Store in LA, the time Williams gave Letterman a part in Mork & Mindy, and his nearly 50 appearances on Letterman's late night talk shows on NBC and CBS.

Nathan Fielder and Conan O'Brien Talk Instagram and Dumb Starbucks

Nathan Fielder was a guest on Conan last night, and when O'Brien asked him to explain his recent Instagram stunt he gave a pretty simple answer — he was just trying to give back to fans, but unfortunately his private activities were made known to the world. Click through to watch Fielder tell O'Brien about Dumb Starbucks and how it made him greedy: "In a way I let my guard down and the devil climbed inside me." READ MORE


Don Pardo, the Iconic Voice of 'SNL,' Dies at 96

The iconic voice of Saturday Night Live has passed away. News broke last night that Don Pardo, who worked as SNL's announcer since the show's debut in 1975, died in his home of Tucson, Arizona at the age of 96. Pardo's voice is synonymous with SNL's opening credit sequence, and Lorne Michaels told the New York Times that "every year the new cast couldn't wait to hear their name said by him." When asked what SNL will do without Pardo, Michaels said: "I don't know what I'll do. It won't be the first time I've thought of it, and I've never had an answer."

Earlier in his career Pardo also worked as the announcer for The Price Is Right, Jeopardy, Three on a Match, and NBC Nightly News, and he was the first announcer to be inducted into the Television Hall of Fame in 2010. He first joined NBC in 1944 and served as SNL's announcer for a total of 38 seasons, skipping only season 7 and several episodes last year. Michaels told the New York Times that SNL will prepare a tribute to Pardo to air sometime this season and looked back on working with the legendary announcer: "It was a happy accident and in some great way our lives intertwined. It was always exciting. Whatever montage we did to open the show, whatever pictures we used it didn't really come alive till you heard him say it."

Click here to watch a clip from Tina Fey's 2008 SNL episode in which Pardo blows out his 90th birthday candles on the 8H stage, then click through to read some present and former SNLers' tributes to Pardo on Twitter. READ MORE

Today's Funniest Tweets

What's on TV This Week: The 'Simpsons' Marathon Begins, 'Nathan for You' Ends

The Simpsons 12-day marathon begins this week on FXX — starting Thursday FXX will air all 25 seasons in chronological order to celebrate its purchase of the series syndication rights. Also this week is a new Drunk History and the season finale of Nathan for You. In the world of late night, Jimmy Fallon has Bill Cosby, Artie Lange, and Amy Sedaris. Conan and The Late Show with David Letterman will have guests Nathan Fielder, Brett Gelman, Kathy Griffin, and Hampton Yount.

Check out this week’s full comedy listings below: READ MORE

The New Season of 'Trailer Park Boys' Premieres on Netflix September 5th

Earlier this year, Netflix announced that the Canadian mockumentary hit Trailer Park Boys would be returning for an eighth and ninth season on the streaming network this fall, and today Netflix released a quick teaser and official premiere date of September 5th. Click through to watch the teaser for the upcoming 10-episode season, then check out our TPB beginner's guide to get pumped for the return of everyone's favorite Canadian trailer trash heroes. READ MORE


Fox Passes on Tina Fey's Pilot 'Cabot College'

Tina Fey and Robert Carlock's women's college-themed Fox pilot Cabot College has been stuck in a state of limbo for a while now, but today Variety reports that the network has officially passed on the comedy starring Fortune Feimster, Margaret Cho, Broadway performer Jack Cutmore-Scott, and Guiding Light regular Bonnie Dennison as the announced cast. Here's what Fortune Feimster had to say about the pilot taping in our interview with her from June:

The experience was amazing. It was the first pilot I had been a part of as far as a scripted sitcom, and for me it was a magical experience because I was playing a character who was very similar to my own personality — a character I got to have a lot of fun with — and the cast all got really close really quickly, and then the fact that we had Tina Fey there for four days giving notes and just being awesome and encouraging, it felt like I was in some kind of Twilight Zone of awesomeness. I just tried to take it all in, because with pilots you never know if that's gonna be your last thing with that project, so I just try to be aware of what's happening and appreciate it. I still think that night, especially in front of a live audience, was one of the most memorable things I've ever done. The show just came together so beautifully and the audience was onboard and we were all close and I was really proud of what we had done. I don't know what's going to happen to it, but I know we gave it everything we had.

While Cabot College hasn't been picked up by Fox, Fey and Carlock's other project at NBC, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt starring Ellie Kemper, is currently set for a midseason premiere on NBC.

The Fate of 'The Chris Gethard Show' Will Be Revealed on September 24th

Last month, Chris Gethard wrote a manifesto on The Chris Gethard Show Tumblr page called "EVOLVE OR DIE: This Summer We Burn Down The Chris Gethard Show," and today he's written a followup post that assigns a specific date to the fate of his public access show. In the post, Gethard announced that the call in topic for this Wednesday's show is "Should we keep doing this show?" Gethard will tally up callers' responses then ultimately decide whether to cancel or continue the show when he returns for the next TCGS episode on September 24th:

I'm going to take all these thoughts and opinions and my feelings regarding the show and I'm gonna go away for a while. I'm gonna get married, then I'm gonna go on a honeymoon, and I'm going to put this show out of my mind as best as possible during that stretch so as to enjoy it all as much as possible.

I won't be emailing or tweeting or thinking about the show in that time.

HERE'S THE DEAL AFTER THAT – Tune in on September 24th. That's the first week I'll be back in NYC.

If there's a show on, then TCGS continues.

If there's no show on, I decided to hang it up.


Read the entire post over on Gethard's blog.