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Reviews - The Exquisite Corpse Project
Laurels - The Exquisite Corpse Project
​- Named one of the Top Films of 2012 by Film Threat editor-in-chief Mark Bell

“The concept is wildly original and consistently entertaining, the production features slick effects and catchy music, and there really isn’t a moment where the film feels uninspired. In my mind, it’s simple: A large percentage of all types of people over the age of 16 (or so) should undoubtedly enjoy this movie.”
– Abe Schwartz, The Huffington Post   (full review)

“Had The Exquisite Corpse Project just presented the final film resulting from the creative restrictions, the documentary would’ve been a novelty…but within this documentary framework, and with the characters of the writers themselves engaged throughout, the film transcends that simple distinction and becomes a truly great film. 5/5 Stars”
– Mark Bell, Film Threat   (full review)

“Never before has a movie so deftly deconstructed friendship and filmmaking and creativity and collaboration. Yay alliteration!”​​
– Dan Pasternack, IFC   (Executive Producer of Portlandia)

“A tour-de-force of hand-wringing, head-banging brilliance mixed with
side-splitting comedy.”
– Tyler Whidden, The Cleveland International Film Festival    (full review)​

“How to make a funny movie about making an awful movie. The Exquisite Corpse Project is a comedic documentary and a therapy session about making a comedic film. It’s also about loving your friends. And hating them.”
– Ariane Lange, Buzzfeed   (full review)

“Extremely funny and charming. You definitely haven’t seen anything like it.”
– Alex Rabinowitz, Pop Culture Brain   (full review)

“Each of the writers’ approach to the film would have made a really entertaining film on its own. But together they make an even more oddly-satisfying product that I highly recommend.”
– Colin Perkins, mental_floss/em>   (full review)

“Both laugh out loud funny and a surprisingly insightful journey into the creative process, friendship and quite a bit more.”
– Richard Propes, The Independent Critic   (full review)​

“It’s bizarre, but in the best possible way. If you’re not sure you’ll like it, I highly recommend you give it a chance anyway.”
– Glen Tickle, Geekosystem   (full review)

“The Exquisite Corpse Project is essential viewing for a fan of comedy…. It also just might be the funniest film you’ve seen in a while. It will definitely be
the most honest.”
– J.C De Leon – Slackerwood   (full review)

“Everything is structured so that the writers are, more or less, discovering the story at the same time that the audience is. In less confident hands this could have lead to a meta-textual disaster, but the storytelling chops of Popik and his collaborators are strong.”
– Noah J. Nelson, Turnstyle News    (full review)

​”If you get the chance to see this movie, see it. You won’t be disappointed.”
– Nick Bahash, Mancave Daily    (full review)