Announcing Splitsider's New Standup Film, 'A Night at Whiplash'

I'm very happy to announce Splitsider Presents' second release, a new standup film called A Night at Whiplash.

Whiplash is a weekly standup show at the UCB Theatre in New York. Every Monday night at 11pm, people have a chance to see some of the best standups in the world today performing ten- to twenty-minute sets, all for free. Hosted by Leo Allen, Whiplash has become one of NYC's premiere standup shows. A Night at Whiplash chronicles one such show, and features sets by Sheng Wang, Carmen Lynch, Eugene Mirman, Janeane Garofalo, Jared Logan, Michael Che, and Sean Patton.

For $5 you get the full [...]

'Community' Is Finally Coming Back February 7th

Community cast member Yvette Nicole Brown announced on Twitter today that the show officially has a return date: February 7th, and even better, it'll be getting its old Thursday 8pm timeslot back. Sure, that means it'll once again be competing with ratings juggernaut The Big Bang Theory, but it'll be nice to see the show in its old home again. Community will be taking the 8pm slot from 30 Rock, which will finish its seven-year run in January. This news comes hot on the heels of Canadian network City TV proclaiming they were premiering the new season next month, only to go back on their word almost [...]

Hey Look, Splitsider Now Has a Newsletter You Can Sign Up For!

Do you prefer to get your comedy news and features in email format rather than swinging by this here website every day? Well, now we've made it easier for you, as you can see a nice new email signup form in the righthand sidebar. Put your email address in there, hit "Submit," and you'll be signed up for our new once-weekly newsletter. It'll include the biggest feature or two of the week as well as the biggest news stories, keeping you delightfully up to date about the goings-on around here. And if you don't like it, you can always just unsubscribe. This isn't a huge commitment we're talking about [...]

Say Hello to The Wirecutter

The Awl family welcomes its newest site today: The Wirecutter. A rundown of the best gadgets from every category, it exists to make choosing tech-related things to buy as easy as humanly possible. Run by former Gizmodo head honcho (and my former boss!) Brian Lam, it will clue you in to the best TVs, phones, computers, tablets, cables and so on and so forth without inundating you with every press release every tech company puts out. It keeps things nice and simple!

So go on and check it out, especially if you're in the market for a new toy. It might just help you make a better purchasing [...]

Coming Next Week, Splitsider's First Web Series: Low Standards with John and Matt

I am very excited! That's because early next week marks the premiere of Splitsider's first web series, Low Standards with John and Matt. In the show, your hosts John Murray and Matt Fisher (who you might recognize from the TGS writers room on 30 Rock) dive deep into some forgotten or unloved comedies from the past. Check out the promo above to meet your hosts, and then check back next week for the first episode, in which we explore the majesty that is Cool Runnings. Also, the show is being produced by our friends at CamLin Productions, so give them a look for all your video production [...]

Splitsider Announcement: We've Turned Off Our Comments Section

As of this week, Splitsider has its comments section turned off by default. We still have the ability to turn the comments on for select posts — our SNL reviews tend to get good comments, for example — but for the vast majority of posts, we will no longer be accepting comments.

Introducing the Splitsider Podcast Network

I'm excited to introduce the brand new Splitsider Podcast Network. Launching with six of the best comedy podcasts currently recording in NYC, with one new one on the way, we're very proud to be gathering up some of the best audio comedy out there. Without further ado, our lineup:

You Had to Be There You Had To Be There is co-hosted by comedians Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer. Each week, Nikki and Sara invite one comedian and a small audience of friends to hang out in Sara's apartment in Brooklyn. The conversation can go anywhere, but it always stays funny. Oh, and sometimes there's live music. Nikki Glaser [...]

Welcome to Splitsider's Year in Review Week

Hello! This week Hallie and I are taking the opportunity to close our laptops and avoid all comedy, laughter, merriment, and joy completely, as that is the only way we know how to take a vacation. But the site will still have lots of fun stuff for you to read despite our absence, as it is our Year in Review week! Many of our wonderful contributors have looked back at the year that was (and forward to the year to come), so you've got a whole slew of excellent features to look forward to. We'll be back to our regular schedule of news posts next week, in the new year. [...]

Meet Our New Publisher

The Awl is pleased to announce the hiring of John Shankman as publisher of The Awl, The Hairpin and Splitsider.

Shankman will begin next week. He is departing his position as account director at the Huffington Post. Prior, from 2007 to early 2010, he was a regional sales manager at Federated Media.

He can be reached at John@theawl.com. READ MORE.

Laugh at the Super Bowl With Splitsider and WitStream This Sunday

If you're looking to distract yourself from the Super Bowl while watching the Super Bowl this weekend, swing on by Splitsider, where our friends at WitStream will be hosting a live-updating stream of the funniest Tweets made by funny people before, during and after the "big game." I can personally guarantee that it will be funnier than every single Bud Light commercial aired during the game. I can't say the same for that E-Trade baby. He's hilarious!

Introducing Splitsider Presents and Our First Movie Release, 'The Exquisite Corpse Project'

I'm incredibly proud to introduce Splitsider Presents, our new digital distribution label. We're going to be selling hilarious, one-of-a-kind movies, documentaries and standup specials for $5 each, right here on Splitsider. All purchases will entitle you to DRM-free HD downloads and in-browser streams, and we've built the store from the ground up in order to give the lion's share of the proceeds right to the artists and comedians responsible.

The Exquisite Corpse Project is our first release, and I couldn't be more excited about it. It's the perfect movie for us: a comedy about the process of creating comedy. Director Ben Popik gathered together his former [...]

Hello, The Billfold!

The Awl Network welcomes its newest site to the stable today: The Billfold, a new blog about money, or, as they say it, "Everything About Money You Were Too Polite to Ask." If you're a person who has, makes, spends, or saves money, there's probably something there to interest you! Like this article here on paying off your debt via either the Snowball or Avalanche methods. Both of those sound better than owing people shitloads of money, right? So go check it out already.

It's Gravy Vacation Time

When the pilgrims came down from the mount with their rules for Thanksgiving inscribed on two stone tablets, one of those rules was "thou shalt not work on Thanksgiving, or the day after, and you might as well take a half day that Wednesday, too." And it was good. So that's what we're doing. Enjoy/tolerate hanging out with your family and dealing with the worst travel weekend of the year! We'll be back in action bright and early Monday morning, smelling slightly of gravy and our grandmother's very strong perfume.

It's Memorial Day

So, today is Memorial Day, so we won't be publishing. Instead, Halle and I will be drinking out of doors, just as America/God intended. But we'll be back tomorrow in full force, albeit probably a little sad that the long weekend is over. But don't worry! We're true professionals, so you won't see any of that post-long-weekend malaise seeping into our posts. In any case, enjoy the holiday, and we'll see you tomorrow.