Jeffrey Tambor Made a Handy Guide to Binge-Watching 'Arrested Development'

Arrested Development's lovable patriarch Jeffrey Tambor made a new video with The Tonight Show that's super helpful if you have plans to binge-watch AD anytime soon. Whether you're an experienced AD viewer or an intimidated newbie, Tambor's tips will help you binge-watch the right way — comfort, mouth hygiene, confidence, and baked potatoes are key.

Judy Greer Wants In On The Arrested Development Movie

We may not have to "say goodbye to these" for some time. Judy Greer said in this interview that she (along with everyone else in the known universe) hopes that Kitty Sanchez will be in the Arrested Development movie. She even suggests some plotlines: "Maybe there could be another Bluth? I don't know, maybe Kitty did get pregnant? That would be so awesome." Yeah. It would be.

The Next Best Thing to a Movie: 15 Arrested Development Mini-Reunions

Next week marks the fifth anniversary of Fox’s official cancellation of Arrested Development, and so far, we have yet to see any actual plans to make that movie. But fear not, Arrested Development aficionados! The nine top-notch comic performers who make up the show’s central cast really enjoy working together. So much so that they’ve been appearing in movies, TV, and web content together, in different combinations, ever since Arrested's demise. While you wait on baited breath for that long-promised feature film version, you might as well take comfort in the fact that these talented actors and actresses are continuing to work together.

While none of these [...]

A Look at The Cast of 'Arrested Development' On 'Inside the Actors Studio'

Tonight on Bravo, the case of Arrested Development will sit down with one of their own when they join James Lipton aka Warden Gentles on his long-running Inside the Actors Studio. Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi, Alia Shawkat, Jeffrey Tambor, Jessica Walter, and creator Mitch Hurwitz sat down to talk about the series, and in particular, its distinctive repetition of names. Below, a story about the show's sneaky casting techniques, its bare bones production, and a visit from GOB. 

Hulu Also Wants the New Arrested Development Series, Sparking a Bidding War

Good news, Bluth fans: Hulu has decided that it wants in on the new Arrested Development miniseries, so it's putting in a bid in an effort to beat out Netflix. If this whole thing was somewhat up in the air before, it looks a lot more likely with a bidding war in place for it. Where do you want to see it end up?

TLC Is Searching for "Never Nudes" As If That's a Real Thing

On Arrested Development, Tobias is a "never nude," someone who never, ever takes off their cutoff jean shorts. And now TLC is looking for real-deal never nudes for their god-awful show, My Strange Addiction. My first impulse would be to tell the producer in charge that they are looking for the personification of a sitcom joke, but I think it'd be way more fun to send people in pretending to actually shower in jean shorts every day. Might as well take them up on it, right?

Alia Shawkat Says It's Nice That People Care About 'Arrested Development' Now

"The only difference is all of a sudden people care about it and are actually paying attention and are really looking forward to it. And it feels really nice, because we worked so hard on the show then, and it used to bother us [that] we would win all these Emmys and no one fuckin' knew about the show. It's kind of a cool thing to come back."

-Arrested Development star Alia Shawkat in a Rolling Stone interview that goes pretty in-depth about the new season without ruining your day with any spoilers.

Watch the Entire New Yorker Arrested Development Panel Now

Want to watch the full, hour-long Arrested Development panel that featured not only the announcement of the new series/movie, but also a full-cast chicken dance? You just need to toss The New Yorker a "like" on Facebook to gain access to the video and also a feeling of intellectual superiority over your Facebook friends.

Mitch Hurwitz's Guide to Getting a Sitcom Cancelled

Mitch Hurwitz has become somewhat of a poster boy for good things getting cancelled. Despite Arrested Development lasting a comparatively-long three seasons, the show's cancellation still causes comedy nerds to get all verklempt at its mere mention. And his most recent show, Running Wilde, only made it halfway through its first season. So he's sort of an expert on how to get networks to give you the axe. Which is the focus of his new piece for the Guardian, conveniently enough.

He's got some good advice! On complicated plots: If in your particular medium an audience is used to a simple plotline or maybe one or two [...]