Ricky Gervais Is Bringing America 'Derek' and an App

Remember when people with accents were all up in arms about Derek? Well, now Americans can be the ones with upped arms. Next year, Derek will be available on Netflix.

Fear not, you will not be without the Gervs until then. He has helped launch an app called Just Sayin'. It is like Twitter but audio. As Gervais explained it: “Just Sayin’ is to radio what Twitter is to newsprint." It is essentially the same as Eardrop, the app Earwolf created awhile back. The difference is the access to Gervais, so… that's something. If Gervais isn't your cup of tea, there are supes cool celebs, like: [...]

ABC to Pilot American Version of 'Spy'

Spy is a British show about a single father who quits his mundane job and is accidentally recruited to become a spy. You know, the classic way spies are found. Now picture him as American. ("OOOOooooOOOO," says you.) ABC is working to develop an adaption of the popular Sky 1 comedy with the original creator Simeon Goulden writing the pilot. It's expected the series will be given a put pilot, which means it will have to be aired. There has a been a lot of proposed British sitcom adaptions recently; however, truthfully, ever since The Office, it has been a pretty constant flow. It's probably all the execs [...]

Andy Samberg is Cuckoo in 'Cuckoo'

"So, his name is Cuckoo? Really?" asks everyone.  Apparently, in England that is a plausible name an American hippie would give himself.  There are two clips from the premiere below. The show debuts in England on BBC Three next Tuesday, September 25, at 10 PM or 22:00 in British time. You think it's worth flying out there for?

HBO Orders a Pilot for a 'Getting On' Remake

HBO has ordered a pilot from the creators of Big Love, Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer. The show will be a remake of the award-winning BBC Four comedy Getting On. The show focuses on a hospital's women's geriatric extended care ward and the doctors, nurses, old people, and sad stuff that happens therein. The British version debuted in July 2009 and quickly became BBC Four's biggest comedy. Adding this to Stephen Merchant's pilot and the renewal of Veep, it appears that HBO got into the Olympic spirit with all this British love.

NBC Buys The Adaptation of British Sitcom 'Gates'

NBC beat out the other networks to win the rights to Gates, a single-cam sitcom from Cathy Yuspa and Josh Goldsmith ('Til Death), which is based on a British show of the same name. The show, like its British counterpart, will focus on parents and teachers during the emotionally fraught daily chore of dropping kids off at school. The show marks the latest of a few recent British TV adaptations. There's much debate about the actual economic benefits of hosting an Olympics. I think we found one.