Stephen Colbert Rocks On With His Goth Frock On in 2011: A Rock Odyssey

There is not place where magic doesn't happen when Stephen Colbert partners with Jack White for his new summer jam. But like most songs, it seems to exist almost solely as an excuse for a fabulous photo shoot montage, during which Stephen goes all Dark Shadows with his look.  It's very reminicent of Buddha Stalin, or myself in the sixth grade. Colbert eventually manages to debut his single "Charlene II (I'm Over You)" with the Black Belles, and it's as thumping and dour as anything The Dead Weather ever churned out.  Jack White, you have been made redundant. Please leave your pork pie hat with security.

James Franco Hustles For A Job On Colbert, Stephen Sees Through His Slow Charm

All the jobs! All the jobs in the world must belong to James Franco! At the beginning of last night's episode Stephen vows to use Franco's Colbert interview to expose the Your Highness star as "the fraud he is," and, well, let's just say I don't think James is really reading that huge tome. After pretending to be his own brother Frank Jameso (because, sure), Franco gets buffeted by the winds of Stephen's intense charisma. After being bested at a Lord Of The Rings trivia face-off and talking at length about why he is enrolled at approximately eighteen universities (because acting is an interpretive art not suited for [...]

Stephen Colbert Takes On Mike Huckabee Taking On Natalie Portman

Last night on the Colbert Report, Stephen put "friend of the show" Mike Huckabee on notice for essentially spewing a wide array of hate-filled rhetoric. Well, actually, it was more that he didn't spew any such rhetoric on his show when he was a guest a couple weeks ago. Come on, Huckabee! If you're gonna gaffe, at least have the decency to give Colbert the ratings boost that comes along with it.