Let This Early Stephen Colbert Commercial Wash Over You

There's so much to love about this early Stephen Colbert commercial. That down-home banjo music. The font! Oh God, the font. And most of all, Colbert's round little baby face. (I also love how they point labeled arrows at the credit card and the phone showing us what to pay attention to. Ads today should bring that back. We need guidance.)

Stephen Colbert, Struggling Young Comedic Actor

Stephen Colbert did a lengthy Q&A with the crew over at Reddit, and the entire thing is worth a read. Here's one bit about his life when he was just starting out as a young man: When you are young and single, there really isnt anything to worry about.

Will you starve? Not likely. I worried that I didnt have enough gumption to get work. That I wouldn't know how to network or something. But at a young age several people, some professors and directors, told me I had talent, and that it was mine to husband if I was willing to work. Those kind words sustained me, [...]

Stephen Colbert Files His PAC Papers with the FEC, Causes a Scene

Last Friday, Stephen Hoban explained why Stephen Colbert's move to start a PAC was so interesting and subversive. That very afternoon, he descended upon the offices of the FEC to file his paperwork, complete with a camera crew and legions of fans in tow. So it's safe to say that we'll be hearing a lot more about the PAC as election season ramps up, and I for one cannot wait to see what he's got planned.

The Colbert Report Goes Surreal with Help From Fallon and Stewart

Last night on the Colbert Report, Jimmy Fallon stopped by to pit his new Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor against Colbert's. And then Stewart came by to back up Colbert, naturally. It was all part of one of the weirdest and most surreal episodes of the show in recent memory.