Check Out 'The Harvard Crimson's Comedy Issue

Harvard's daily newspaper The Crimson published a new comedy-centric issue of its weekly magazine Fifteen Minutes dedicated to the university's long history with humor, and it's full of great insight from Harvard grads like Spy magazine co-founder Kurt Andersen, former Simpsons showrunner Mike Reiss, television writer/producer Nell Scovell, comedian/author Baratunde Thurston, Office alum B.J. Novak, and more. Here's an excerpt from Mike Reiss's essay "Harvard Comedy (and Other Oxymorons)":

Back in the '70s, Harvard Comedy was considered an oxymoron. Like jumbo shrimp. Or Fox News. (For you legacies, an oxymoron is a contradiction in terms. [For you double legacies, a contradiction is… oh, forget it. You'd [...]

College Comedy Nerds to Be In Their Element This Weekend

This weekend, a bunch of comedy-loving college kids are going to be doing lots of improv and sketch and also getting super drunk and making poor decision at the 2012 National College Comedy Festival at Skidmore, which we visited in depth last year. Be safe, guys! Use protection and don't do any hacky ethnic stereotype characters — you're better than that.

Watch 'Community's Jim Rash in a Recruitment Video for Greendale

Here's a fun three-minute recruitment video for Community's Greendale College, starring Jim Rash as Dean Pelton. The video is a promotion for the fourth season of Community's upcoming DVD release, which I assume Dan Harmon won't be purchasing.

Don't Go To Humor Conferences

I recently had the worst comedic experience of my life.

My college’s satirical newspaper, The Brown Noser, had been invited to the first "National Intercollegiate Humor Conference" at Princeton University. I was excited to write with my friends and meet funny people from other schools. The organizers even encouraged pranks (so long as they adhered to a sizable list of guidelines, of course).

The crowd at the conference was pretty much what you’d expect at a gathering of college comedy writers: an overwhelming majority of bearded white guys and a smattering of bearded white girls. Pimples made a great showing, as did t-shirts with jokes on them.


Watch Michael Shannon Read a Crazy Letter from a Sorority President

Last week, an insane letter from a sorority president was leaked online and went viral. Funny or Die had Boardwalk Empire's Michael Shannon read the letter for this video to really showcase how crazy the words in it are.