Show Amy Schumer's Doggy Daycare Sketch to Your Most Insufferable Dog-Owning Friend

Here's a sketch from last night's Inside Amy Schumer in which the dog owners dropping their pets off at doggy daycare compete to see whose dog is the saddest. I've got a soft spot for the dead one, myself.

Workaholics Gets A Third Season Of Work

Get your staplers and paper clips out! Now put them away and go home and watch Workaholics because it's coming back for a third season.

Let John Oliver's Explanation of England's Troubles Make You Feel Better About America

Last night, The Daily Show returned from a week off to a country that appears to be on the precipice of some sort of disaster. But don't worry! As John Oliver explained, things look much, much rosier when compared to the shit going down in England.

Book of Mormon's Josh Gad Covers the Gay Pride Parade for The Daily Show

Before being cast as one of the leads in Book of Mormon, Josh Gad was an occasional correspondant for The Daily Show. And last night they brought him back to cover marriage equality and New York's gay pride parade. He headed to the West Village to witness America being destroyed first-hand, bringing back valuable footage.

Jon Stewart Performs Standup for al-Gaddafi

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On last night's Daily Show, Jon admitted that he too was paid a handsome sum to entertain the Libyan dictator and his family. It didn't go as well as Beyonce and Usher's performances, however.

Jeff Ross and Sarah Silverman Bond Over Their Shared Loves of Insults and Weed

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Here's a clip from Jeff Ross's new Comedy Central show, The Burn, in which he swings by Sarah Silverman's place to share insults and some smoke. It's pretty delightful! I certainly prefer this sort of roasting — between friends, all in good fun, with everyone on the same page — to the bigger roasts which seem half friendly and half cruel to unwitting outsiders to the comedy world.

Stephen Colbert Focuses on the Ursine in an All-Bear Threat Down

On last night's Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert dedicated his entire Threat Down segment to nature's most brutal killers other than sharks and I assume some sort of terrifying South American insect: bears. From drunk Ukranian bears being put into rehab to Terminator bears from the future sent to kill him to hippie environmental bears driving hybrids, he sees these furry monsters everywhere he turns. Luckily, he's got a handy decoy to throw them off his scent: Jimmy Fallon.

Lord, Save Us: The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen Is Coming

Comedy Central recently cancelled their planned roast of Kid Rock, but it looks like they've landed a bigger, sadder fish to replace him: Charlie Sheen. The network just announced that they'll be taping the roast of Sheen in LA on September 10th and will then air it at 10pm on September 19th. As Sheen says in the press release, "You could say I've been providing kindling for this Roast for a while. It's time to light it up. It's going to be epic." This kills off the rule that they "only roast the ones they love" once and for all, right? It also is going to be [...]

South Park Takes on The Comedy Awards

The Comedy Awards were a sort of strange thing, I thought. And apparently so did the South Park guys, as this week's new episode takes on, well, The Comedy Awards, as well as some rampaging Germans. Whatever, they're just bitter because they didn't win!!!

Stephen Colbert Winks at Anonymous with a Split-Second Guy Fawkes Mask

Group of angry nerds/hackers Anonymous have been in the news lately for battling all sorts of groups, from the enemies of Wikileaks to Scientology to the Westboro Baptist Church. On last night's Colbert Report, Stephen interviewed Salon blogger Glenn Greenwald about the group and about how HB Gary's plan to take the group down backfired. But here's the interesting thing: in the middle of the interview, for a split second, Colbert had a Guy Fawkes mask transposed over his face. The mask, from the comic book/movie V for Vendetta is a sort of mascot for the group (I know). Look for it in the below interview at the 3:23 mark.


"Between Two Ferns" More Like "Between Two Ferns and Before The Comedy Awards"

This morning, Scott Aukerman announced on his podcast, Comedy Bang! Bang!, that he recently directed a half-hour special, starring Zach Galifianakis, entitled Between Two Ferns: A Fairytale of New York that will air right before The Comedy Awards, on May 6th. Guests will include Tina Fey, Sir Richard Branson, and Jon Stewart. Considering the super popular web series' unique blend of awkward mean honesty here is my best guess of what each interview is going to be like:

Tina Fey: "Is hard for you to be around funny people? And by that, I mean men. You are kinda pretty for a "comedian" but how did you get that [...]

Seinfeld Stops by The Daily Show to Provide Jon with Some Comedy Regression Therapy

On last night's Daily Show, Jon discussed how Marcus Bachmann, husband of presidential candidate/horrorshow Michelle Bachmann, runs a "therapy center" in which he uses prayer to try to turn gay people straight. Then he found a video of Marcus dancing with Michelle with, well, let's say a spring in his step. He really had to fight to keep from making gay jokes at Marcus' expense, so he enlisted the help of Jerry Seinfeld to get him back on the straight and narrow:

Comedy Central Orders Two New Sketch Shows From Nick Kroll, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele

Deadline is reporting that  Comedy Central announced two new sketch shows for their 2012 lineup. The first show stars MadTV alum Keegan-Michael Key, as well as Jordan Peele, in a show that mixes filmed shorts and sketches in front of a live-studio audience. The second is The Nick Kroll Show, which seems pretty much inevitable if you saw his stand-up special in January. The show follows many of Kroll's alter egos, with the premiere episode featuring Bobby Bottlservice teaming up with Jon Daly's Peter Paparazzo to solve mysteries for Christian Audigier, a basketball ref desperate to befriend the players, Aspen Bruckheimer, son of Jerry, and "The PubLIZity Girls," [...]

Comedy Central Renews Futurama for Two More Seasons

Good news, everyone! Comedy Central has renewed Futurama for not one, but two more seasons. Well, technically it's one 26-episode season, but they'll be aired in two chunks months apart, so for all intents and purposes it's two seasons, extending the show until at least 2013. As a way of congratulations, I'm guessing, last night The Simpsons snuck a little shout out to their cousins at the beginning of their intro. Check it: