Rob Corddry Is Having Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant's Hell Baby

Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant are stepping out of the screenwriting circle and into the directing triangle with horror comedy Hell Baby, starring Rob Corddry and Leslie Bibb as a young couple who have a…hell baby. Lennon and Garant will also star as "the Vatican's elite exorcism team" called in to defeat the demon seed.

Corddry and Lennon are always funny onscreen, but you have to admit that Lennon and Garant's screenwriting record (Night at the Museum, Night at the Museum 2, The Pacifier) may be focused more on making money than producing amazing movies. But maybe as directors, the pair will have more direct [...]

Billy Hader Talks About His Scary-Good Comedy-Slasher With Judd Apatow

Ever since Abbott and Costello met Frankenstein, comedy and horror have been going together like so much hilarious peanut butter and terrifying chocolate ("A Farewell To Arms?" Raimi, you genius!).  As such, Bill Hader's upcoming slasher-comedy House Of Joel sounds right up our haunted alley…though it might feature a different ghoulish name when it comes out. "Well, I’m not sure it’s called House of Joel anymore. I don’t know what’s happening with it exactly. Judd, me, and [”Human Giant” director] Jason Woliner are gonna meet in L.A. soon to figure out what the next steps are. It’s a funny, funny script and it’s Judd’s take on a slasher [...]