The Altruism of Comedy

Maria Bamford tested out a brilliant new set on a Thursday night in January at UCB Sunset’s bicoastal standup comedy show, Fresh Out!, hosted by Emily Heller and Adam Conover. Bamford’s material on mental illness has undergone a hilarious and heartwarming evolution from her personal struggles with OCD, Bipolar II, anxiety and depression to include the couple’s therapy she now attends with her fiancé, Scott Marvel Cassidy.

In a hysterical musical tribute to her couples therapist “Carol Grisham,” Bamford satirizes her anxieties about Cassidy urinating in the backyard leading to a Grey Gardens lifestyle and Cassidy’s existential angst about Bamford accidentally locking him in the garage. The [...]

Chris Gethard to Discuss Using Comedy as Therapy at 1:20pm EST

At 1:30pm EST, Huffington Post Live is having Chris Gethard, Gabe Delahaye, and a college professor on to discuss using comedy as therapy. This comes after Chris wrote a passionate letter to an anonymous fan about fighting suicidal thoughts.

Jeff Garlin on the Healing Power Of Comedy, Blow Jobs

Curb Your Enthusiasm's Jeff Garlin has struggled with compulsive eating, epilepsy, diabetes, attention deficit disorder, a heart defect and a stroke prior to the first season of Curb. You wouldn't think spending 12 hours a day with Larry David would be the cure-all, but there you have it. "If you watch the first season, I am so strokey," Garlin recalls in his interview with The Guardian, explaining how he subbed in a golf club for a cane. "It's funnier to walk with a golf club. But Curb was the best rehab I could have had . . . the [improvisation] alone did wonders." Currently preparing for a run of [...]