Matt Mira on Transitioning from Apple Employee to '@midnight' Writer

"I feel like a lot of people are afraid to take that step, and I was afraid too, but it just came to a point where I realized I have to do this. I can't keep going home with no brain power because I'm dealing with shitty people with broken iPads. You can't let a day job stop you from doing the thing you're most passionate about. For me it was, 'I'm gonna keep doing this podcast, doing standup at night. If I'm tired at work, I'll work fewer hours, but I've got to do this.'"

- Fast Company talks with @midnight writer and Nerdist cohost Matt Mira about [...]

Learn How Adam McKay Channels "Cosmic Rage" In His Therapist's New Yorker Profile

If you're wondering if seeing a therapist will help your bizarre comedian tendencies, well, help is such subjective word. This week's The New Yorker profiles Adam McKay's therapist Barry Michels, who's unorthodox methods are designed help creative people figure out how to move past being neurotic bundle of nerves and actually write that script. According the article, McKay started visiting Michels four years ago, after his fear of speaking to the press would have him visibly shaking on the red carpet. “People are, like, ‘Oh, my God, are you all right? Do you have Parkinson’s?’ You think no one will notice and then you read the comments online, [...]

'Community' Writer Andy Bobrow Reflects on Working with Dan Harmon

"Step five is delete. Keep the two percent that isn't shit and delete the ninety-eight percent that's shit. Rewrite it. Within your re-write, there will be two more percent that isn't shit. Then just keep tossing the shit and replacing it until the ratio is tolerable."

- Television writer Andy Bobrow in a new essay "How Writing for the TV Show Community Cured Me," in which he talks about landing a writing job on Community and how much he's learned from Dan Harmon's rewrites. The essay also includes two drafts of season 2 episode "Mixology Certification" to show just how much rewriting went into Community episodes.

Tina Fey's Two Types of Comedy Writer: Harvard Boys and Crazy Improvisers

In the latest issue of the New Yorker Tina Fey has written a piece about her experiences at SNL. I am guessing that this new guest writing stint at the magazine has much to do with her upcoming book, Bossypants, and these pieces are probably adapted from it. But in any case, the article isn't online for non-subscribers, so you'll need to shell out for a hard copy if you want to read it. But here's a fun passage that I transcribed for you because I love you about how Tina separates SNL's writers into two camps: Harvard boys and Chicago improvisers. The staff of Saturday Night Live [...]

A Look at the Unlikely Career Path of 'Late Night' Writer Bryan Donaldson

Bryan Donaldson — or as he's known on Twitter, @TheNardvark — is profiled on Vulture today, and it's worth a read if you like stories of unlikely comedy world hires. After working as an IT guy in Illinois for 20 years, Donaldson rose the Twitter ranks until he landed a writing gig on Late Night with Seth Meyers last year, which started with a direct message from head writer Alex Baze. "I wasn't going to consider uprooting my family at age 40 and starting a new career in New York, where I'd never been before," Donaldson said. "But my wife basically said I'd be an idiot if [...]