Conan Takes Chicago This Summer

From June 11-14, Conan O'Brien is blowing into the Windy City for a week of shows, as part of the TBS Just for Laughs Chicago Comedy Festival and to eat deep-dish Chicago-style hot dog pizza. Maybe he'll swing by Da Bears stadium or that reflective orb thing, of which everyone who visits Chicago posts a Facebook picture. Or maybe he'll do some Second City improv or eat at a molecular gastronomy restaurant or try a Ferris Bueller reference or…yeah, I don't know anything else about Chicago.

Conan Can't Stop Trailer Can't Stop Looking Amazing

Hello, job? Television job? The Conan Can't Stop trailer dropped this weekend, and even if you didn't want to see the Conan O'Brien documentary before, watching your favorite manic showman almost break down on stage during his "Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour" is like a punch right in your tender, comedy-loving gut. "I'm really angry at times. Sometimes I'm so mad I can't breathe," O'Brien admits, before laughing, "I walked away from the greatest franchise in history because I refused to to go on at midnight. Here I am, going on at midnight." The fact he's going on at all in such a state [...]

The Laugher Has Become the Laughee: Andy Ritcher Gets His Own Sidekick

Sick of his boss hogging all of the attention, Andy Ritcher got his own sidekick in Jimmy Pardo last night. "I'm like you. I need to be validated by someone else when I say something funny," Andy explained to Conan. The addition of Conan's warm-up comedian and champion podium jockey revealed the true nature of the sidekick roll: banter stooge and meat-based laugh track.  Plus the location of Pardo's desk makes him look about two feet tall. If only Jimmy also had a small sidekick, thus beginning an infinite stream of increasingly tiny Jimmy Pardos. It's just Jimmy Pardos all the way down.

The Ballad Of Mean Conan: Conan Can't Stop Premieres At SXSW

Over the course of the epic Late Night debacle, we got a glimpse of an angrier, more cynical Conan O'Brien than we'd ever suspected could live inside that jovial exterior and those puppet-string hips. Luckily for us, the trajectory of Conan's rage was recorded for posterity in Rodman Flender's Conan Can't Stop documentary, debuting at South by Southwest on Sunday. Filmed over the course of his 32-stop Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour, be prepared to see Conan snap at his wife, serenade Jack McBrayer with little ditty called "You Stupid Hick," and yes, compare himself only half-jokingly to Anne Frank. "I certainly won’t go through [...]

Conan's Last Night In NY Features Louis C.K., Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, And A Same-Sex Wedding

Conan wrapped up his trip to New York with a stellar show that included an interview with Louis C.K. and a segment with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog insulting Occupy Wall Streeters. Oh, and a history-making televised same-sex wedding. Above, C.K. talks about working with Conan back in the day, accidentally entering George Bush's motorcade, and how we'll all probably Tweet the return of Jesus. Updated to add: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert made an appearance too. Triumph, Stewart/Colbert, and a wedding below:

Conan Is Fast Magazine's 100 Most Creative People

Steve Jobs does wear a lot of black mock turtle necks, doesn't he? Got him! This month Conan channels Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People In Business, which apparently include Moses, Frieda Kahlo and, I don't know, I'm going to guess Teddy Roosevelt? The photo shoot video is Conan at his manic best; the cover is making me hallucinate that beautiful beard on the faces of every historical figure even more so than usual.

The Adorable Antagonism Between Conan O'Brien And Jack McBrayer

I loved hearing about the cruel edge to Jack McBrayer and Conan O'Brien's friendship in Conan Can't Stop. It says a little something about the human desire to destroy that which is vulnerable and good. Also, Jack's accent is so cute! Last night's Jack McBrayer's Conan interview was like watching Conan poke an adorable Southern bird through the bars of it's gilded cage. "Your jokes are stupid and hurtful," Jack admonished when Conan wonders aloud if his parents rode horses to New York. "Don't be rude," McBrayer says, smiling through his rage as O'Brien gleefully jabs his fingers at him." I hate it here." After teasing him [...]

Conan's New Show Starring Conan Will Be Called Conan

The Conan O'Brien Show has an official name: Conan. Catchy!

Also: I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this isn't his real office. For a dude who got $40 million to leave The Tonight Show and who got a signing bonus of over $10 million for his new show, he sure likes to claim poverty. You're rich, Conan! It's OK! No on begrudges you that (well, at least I don't). You don't have to be obvious about it, but there's probably a middle ground between pretending you make $35,000 a year and owning a fleet of exotic cars. [via]

Jason Sudeikis Makes Conan's Foot Massage Even More Uncomfortable To Watch Than It Already Was

Big government hand jobs. Awkward interracial foot rubs. The combination of Conan's snow-white Yeti feet and his painful laugh-gasm face. There is no element of Jason Sudeikis' Conan interview that doesn't have me mirroring Andy's increasingly distressed smile. Even when Sudeikis checks under the seat cushion is strange. For what? What's under there? The Horrible Bosses clip was the least dark part of this whole segment.

Then What Will Absorb His Tears? Conan's Beardpocalypse Approacheth

The more they hype Conan's beard removal on Monday's show, the more I viscerally don't want to see Will Ferrell's pretend-threats come true. There is something deeply unholy about the blade in Ferrell's hands, his furious shrieks, and the glycerin tears streaming down Coco's face. "I'll take that beard and flush it down the toilet," Ferrell screams. I feel like I'm watching a fever dream I had after watching Zoolander and falling asleep near an open flame. What if Conan's head pops like that orange balloon? Oh god, I just jinxed it.

Conan O'Brien On WTF With Marc Maron: Taking Risks, Don Knotts And The "Irish-Catholic Addams Family"

On today’s excellent WTF with Marc Maron, Conan O’Brien discusses his “grim” childhood, the long saga of late night and the deep-down Catholic self-hatred that made him the man he is today. “Too skinny, too tall, my dick's too big,” O’Brien complains, later explaining, “If I think a comedian's too good looking…I really cannot believe they're going to be any good. This is for us; this is our consolation prize." Conan admits that, despite its happy conclusion, his decision to leave The Tonight Show was anything but pleasant: "In the moment, when things were really dark, I had no concept that it could all turn out." He describes [...]